Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie
Société Suisse de Chimie Clinique
Società Svizzera Chimica Clinica
Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry

History of the SSCC

A history of the society has been written by Prof. Jörg Frei and Toni Brechtbuehler a number of years ago and is available here. The documentation covers the period 1956-1991 (in French).

At the 60th Anniversary of the SSCC in 2017, Prof. Jean-Pierre Colombo has presented his historical perspective on the SSCC. This document presents his personal thoughts and souvenirs about the SSCC, including memorial to people who have pioneered the creation of the clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in Switzerland. Get the document in french or in german.

We are happy to mention that Dr André Deom is working on a compilation of data and information that will contribute to a completion of historical elements that represent the life of the SSCC. Any information, short stories, archives can be submitted to him at dededeom @