Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie
Société Suisse de Chimie Clinique
Società Svizzera Chimica Clinica
Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry

News from the SSCC

Brains On (23th September 2022)
A new continuous training event, organised by the "Brains on" working group of the SSCC, proposes an interactive seminar to discuss and challenge actual day-to-day questions of a FAMH in clinical chemistry. The seminar will be hosted in Bern January 2023 and is recognised as FAMH continuous education event. For more information and registration download the flyer see the eventspage.

SSCC Förderpreis 2022 (23th September 2022)
Congratulations to Lara Duran-Trio (Clinical chemistry, CHUV) who was awarded with the 2022 SGKC Förderpreis / Prix d'encouragement de la SSCC during the 2022 SSCC Annual Assembly. Go to the members page for more details.

Revision of the SSCC Statutes (23th September 2022)
A revised version of the statutes have been accepted at the 2022 General Asssembly. Go to the members page for more details.

Annual Assembly 2022 (23th September 2022)
Thank you to the organisers and the partners of the SSCC 2022 Annual Assembly. This edition was a great success. Go to for all information.

Other Events and information

Worldlab-Euromedlab 2023 (added August 8th, 2022)
The next Worldlab-Euromedlab congress will be organised May 21-25 2023 in Rome.
More information are available on the congress website: See also the events page.

EFLM survey on cardiac biomarkers (updated Sept. 5th, 2022)
The EFLM is conducting a survey on International use of Cardiac Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction. It is looking for participation from all the members countries. Deadline for a 10 minutes completion is September 30, 2022.
Please read the information letter and then proceed to survey here.

AFABS 2022 (modified July 27th, 2022)
The next events of the "Association pour la Formation en Analyses de Biologie Spécialisée" are the following:

Les prochains lundis de Lausanne: Lundi 12 septembre 2022: « Point sur l'utilisation des statines » Dr David NANCHEN (Lausanne)

Lundi 5 décembre 2022 : « Maladies transmises par les moustiques » Dre Laura RUMEBE et Dre Eugénie GAY (Genève)
For more information, go to
See also the events page.